Third Series (2021-Present) Index


 Vol Year Author Title
 TS01-1 2021  Robert F. Rhodes  The Eastern Buddhism: 1921, 1965, and 2021 
     Iwata Fumiaki  Religion and Philosophy: Miki Kiyoshi’s Philosophy of Religion
     Hillary Langberg  Gender Equity in a Mahayana Sutra:The Gandavyuha's   Enlightened Goddesses
     Jonathan Samuels   Challenging the Curriculum: The Course of Studies in     Buddhist Monasteries of Medieval Tibet and Beyond
     Terashima Jitsurō  Buddhism in the Contemporary World:
 A Public Lecture at 
 Shinran Community Hall, Kyoto, April 11, 2016, Followed by a   Dialogue with Professor Yasutomi Shin’ya, Otani University 
 Aaron Proffitt
 Robert F. Rhodes. Genshin’s Ojoyoshu and
 the Construction of Pure Land Discourse in Heian Japan
 Laurence E. M. Mann
 Bryan D. Lowe. Ritualized Writing: Buddhist Practice   and Scriptural Cultures in Ancient Japan 
     James L. Fredericks  Joseph O’Leary. Buddhist Nonduality, Paschal Paradox:
 A Christian Commentary on The Teaching of Vimalakirti 
TS01-2 2021 Michael Conway Introduction
    Kashiwahara Yūsen Changes in the Conceptionof the Pure Land in
Modern Japan
    Kigoshi Yasushi Nonomura Naotarō:
The Man Who Would Destroy the Pure Land
    Murayama Yasushi Heresy and Freedom of Inquiry in Interpreting the
Pure Land: An Introduction to Kaneko Daiei's
"My Shin Buddhist Studies"
    James C. Dobbin D.T. Suzuki, Amida Buddha, and the Problem of Karma
    Thomas P. Kasulis Milestones on the Way of Philosophy:
A Review of The Dao Companion to Japanese Buddhist Philosophy
    Gereon Kopf Steven M. Emmanuel. Buddhist Philosophy:
A Comparative Approach
    Yulia Burenina Levi McLaughlin. Soka Gakkai's Human Revolution:
The Rise of a Mimetic Nation in Modern Japan
    Samuel Bendeck Sotillos John Paraskevopoulos. Immesurable Life:
The Essence of Shin Buddhism
    Robert F. Rhodes Japanese Books on Buddhism Published in 2020
TS02-1 2022 Matsuo Kenji Nuns and Convents in the Eison Order and the Provenance of the Sedgwick Shōtoku Taishi Sculpture at the Harvard Art Museums
    Andō Reiji Reading D.T. Suzuki Anew
    Jeff Schroeder On the Absence of Buddhist Ethics: An Examination of Interwar Shin Writings on the Two Truths
    Romaric Jannel Nāgārjuna's Tetralemma in Yamauchi Tokuryū's Philosophy
    Sueki Fumihiko Chūsei Zenseki Sōkan and Issues in the Study of Medieval Zen
    Ryoze Wada Georgios T. Halkias and Richard K. Payne, editors. Pure Lands in Asian Texts and Contexts: An Anthology
    Sangyop Lee Funayama Tōru. Rikuchō, Zui, Tō bukkyō tenkaishi (The Evolution of Chinese Buddhism during the Six Dynasties, Sui, and Tang Periods)
    Miriam Chusid Yamamoto Satomi. Chūsei bukkyō kaiga no zuzōshi: Kyōsetsu emaki, rokudōe, kusōzu (A Genealogy of Imagery in Medieval Buddhist Paintings: From Six Realms of Rebirth to Nine Stages of Decay)
    Sinéad Vilbar James C. Dobbins. Behold the Buddha: Religious Meanings of Japanese Buddhist Icons
    Robert F. Rhodes Kusunoki Junshō. Jōkei sen "Yuishikiron jinshishō" no kenkyū: Butsudō hen (Study of the "Yuishikiron" Jinshishō Compiled by Jōkei: Volume on the Buddha Way)
    Anna Andreeva Sujung Kim. Shinra Myōjin and Buddhist Networks of the East Asian "Mediterranean"

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